Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

“Prior planning prevents poor performance” is what one of my high school teachers told me in class one day about three years ago. This quote was drilled into my head and has been in the back of my mind ever since. I never truly understood the importance of what he was telling me until college. I live by these 5 P’s because they have yet to let me down. With planning, I have succeeded in everything I’ve put my mind to because I took the time to think of the steps that were needed to get the outcome I desired. Without the practice of planning, life would be disorganized and difficult. 

Not sure how to plan? Here are a few tips that may help!
  1. Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve– In order to plan something, you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish in order to take the correct steps to make it happen.
  2. Visualize your goal– This is the most simple, yet most beneficial thing you can do. Just by closing your eyes and picturing yourself reaching your goal, will help you get to it. This small exercise will provide you with the self-confidence and motivation you need because you “see” yourself reaching your goal. 
  3. Map out, or make a list of what needs to happen– Lists are essential in planning. Simple daily, or weekly, “to do” lists will help you stay organized and on track. Just remember, always jot ideas down when they come to you!
  4. Be specific– Break down the steps you need to take so there is no confusion and so you have a clear understanding of what you need to do. Every detail makes a difference.
  5. Always remember deadlines! – People make deadlines for a reason…for you to meet them! It might be helpful to even put deadlines next to each step of your plan to make it even more structured. 
Making a plan is the most effective way to achieve a goal. Yes, it takes time to plan something but it will be extremely beneficial, and you will thank yourself in the long run. It is important to stay positive and always keep in mind what you want to happen. Keeping your goal in mind will give you motivation and that extra push to get to what you want. Believe me, if you don’t stop when the plan gets tough, keep focused, and have your “eye on the prize,” you’ll see progress! 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations Staff Member Amanda White.

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