Social Media Savvy for the Summer

The time has finally come! Finals are over and all of your grades are almost in. You’re ready to hit the beach and begin your summer vacation but before you start packing your suit, step back and think about how you are going to stay relevant in the public relations realm this summer break.

If you are an aspiring PR pro, the summer is a great time to build up your social media presence. Most likely you will have more time to think and plan out posts. You’ll have more time to catch up on those PR blogs and find out what’s going on in the PR industry to get in on the discussion.

Here are some things to keep in mind while posting on your social media networks this summer:

Find a voice & stick to it: Creating a “voice” for how you want to be portrayed on your social media is key for any brand but it’s importance is often forgotten when it comes to personal social media accounts. Being able to be consistent with the way in which you craft posts gives you a voice. The most vital aspect of creating a certain social media personna is to stick to it so your followers don’t get confused.

Post about recent news: This is a no brainer. Keep everything you post about relevant and use hashtags that relate to recent news and current events.

Incorporate your real life events: Summer is a time to have fun and relax. If you are on vacation and your vacation city’s tourism, find their Twitter handle and tweet to them or find their Facebook page and post on their wall. Be sure to also post photos whenever you see fit because visuals are very powerful on social media outlets.

How will you stay relevant this summer through social media? We want to know!

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