By Bloggers, For Bloggers

In this day and age, it seems that everyone has or wants to start a blog. As a young blogger, it’s hard to imagine that my small contribution to the web will ever go on to making a major impact on an industry. As a PR student, I blog to control my online image and reputation, and to generate a positive image of myself.

Because blogging is becoming so popular, more and more applications are being created to help blogs become that much better. From the development of the “Pin it” button which allows readers to add content from blogs to Pinterest, to websites like Click to Tweet, developers are going crazy trying to meet the numerous needs of today’s blogger. These applications are great, and allow bloggers to use multimedia resources and easily integrate social media. But of all of these applications, the best ones seem to be the ones created by the bloggers, for other bloggers.

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The popular DIY/creative blog A Beautiful Mess (ABM) has decided to take development into their own hands and is releasing an app made especially for other bloggers! The application takes into account the creative and social media needs, Instagram in particular, into mind. The team at A Beautiful Mess has worked hard to develop tons of filters, frames, and add-ons to help Bloggers make their images pop and give life to posts. The app will be available soon for iOS for $0.99 fully loaded, and hopefully development will start for Android too!

The creation of the app by bloggers is a great example of taking your niche to the next level. When the bloggers at ABM first started their site, I doubt they knew they would go on to become major developers. Through careful observation of the needs of consumer , they were able to make a huge impact!

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