Next Steps for Tumblr: Babblr

Tumblr, the popular microblogging site, has always been criticized for the lack of social interaction available between users. Only having the ability to like, reblog,  send “fan mail” and submit questions to other blogs has left users wanting more direct ways to communicate. As of today at 6pm, Tumblr will officially give its users what they want via a new third party Google Chrome application called Babblr.

Babblr, which is currently in its developmental Beta mode, allows Tumblr users to chat in real time. It was developed as an add-on application and is downloaded through the Google Chrome browser as an application. Once users download the app, it is synced with Tumblr and imports followers as chat contacts. The contact list even organizes itself, making groups of followers, people you follow, and the option to create unique groups.

One of the more creative features of Babblr is the censorship function in the chat. Instead of allowing users to use inappropriate words, Babblr turns the words into funny sayings. For example, when I user attempts to send an “f-bomb”, Babblr will convert the word to “fudge.” With Tumblr users being big on free speech and de-censorship, it will be interesting to see how they respond to this feature.

Babblr will officially be available for download as of 6pm tonight. Users who signed up for the service prior to today automatically received downloads for free, but new users will have to select a payment option. Babblr is branded as a pay-what-you-want app for Google Chrome, so users will either select a dollar amount to place on the app or share with friends, and give Babblr a little free publicity, to receive the app for free.

Have you heard of the new Babblr app? Will you download it to check it out, and if so would you pay to use it? Share your thoughts!

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