Don’t Be Another Victim of Twitter Hackings

Twitter hackings are becoming a more common thing. Major corporations have been subject to this type of incidents. Twitter information spreads quickly and once the information is out there, it is hard to retract it. Someone somewhere has seen the tweet and there is no going back from there. But the follow tips are sure fire way to reduce the chances of your twitter being hacked and false information being plastered all over social media.
1. Change your password regularly.
2. Never share passwords with other or over email.
3. Limit the number of people who can access your account.
4. Be careful with usage on mobile devices.
5. Review authorization on applications.
6. Know what you’re clicking and where you are going on the Internet.
7. Check ones account with Twitter to make sure its official.
8. Be careful about where you log in to your account.
9. Create crisis plan so if something like this happens, you are prepared.
10. Keep a watchful eye on your account.
Now, these tips will only be successful if put into use. Twitter is a powerful tool and can cause immediate damage to anyone if not used properly. These tips will help reduce the chances of having to deal with a crisis and the possible aftermath of suck crisis. However, these tips are not just for the major corporations as well, anyone on Twitter is at risk of being hacked. Don’t let this happen to you and monitor your account as much as possible.

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