Eat. Pray. Love: A Healthy Balance for PR Pro’s

Many of us are familiar with the 2010 hit movie Eat, Pray, Love starring the beautiful Julia Roberts on a journey to balance the crossroads in her life. Successful careers often require a “give-all” attitude at any hour of the day. In the round-the-clock field of public relations, maintaining the drive to balance both professional and personal life can be challenging. Fortunately enough, there are ways to master an  award-winning performance of one of life’s greatest challenges: the balancing act. 
EAT For the on-the-go professional, smart snacking between meals is important. Snacking on healthy foods stabilizes blood sugars, fuels energy and evokes “positive” thoughts. From personal experience, if you’re in a hurry, Fiber 1 Bars do the trick because they provide 30% of your daily fiber. Grab that box of almonds, bag of dried cranberries,bananas or any dried fruit, and a tablespoon or two of chocolate chips to create your own personal brand of trail-mix. Your creation will be irresistible to colleagues and clients. 
PRAY Take a moment at the end of the day, week or month to reflect on your hard work. Writing it down, privately or publicly, is a great habitat to fall into. Reflection forces you to utilize your down time to recognize mistakes, set future goals and build on the millions of ideas you have running through your mind. Once you free your mind and recognize everything that you have accomplished, be proud of your time and effort. Rightfully earned success is something to celebrate. 
LOVE We never work a day in our lives if we do what we love. This outlook requires us to love what we do both in and out of the office. Quality time with family and friends is important and adds relaxation and excitement to our schedules. Love is a key element to strengthening relationships with those people who are dear to us. Sunday night rolls around, and you think about the week in front of you. Just remember to eat, pray and love and know that happiness and success will come your way! 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Caitlin Kummeth.

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