Industry Introduction

One of the perks of working in PR is having so many different industries to work in. While every industry uses media relations, special events, public speaking, community relations and the works, individual industries specialize in whatever your interests are! Let’s take a look at three general subcategories of PR:
Entertainment PR: Entertainment PR can be classified as a music PR firm, film PR firm, or communications department within a company. Names like VH1, NBC, and MTV have a Communications Directors or Director of PR to work in house. These are also considered entertainment PR positions. Working in entertainment PR requires a large time commitment. It’s one thing to be passionate about PR, but entertainment PR professionals must also be passionate and knowledgeable about the entertainment world. You need to know the latest trends in order to know how to market your own company and clients accordingly.
Fashion PR: Fashion PR can easily be misconstrued for the luxurious lifestyles of fashion PR professionals portrayed on TV, but that is not the reality. Fashion PR executes all of the general PR strategies within a designer name. Just like entertainment PR, it’s very important to be passionate about the brand you are working for. With passion, a fashion PR professional adjusts all projects to the themes of the designer. For example, Burberry uses its plaid print almost as a logo. Like any aspect of the fashion industry, you have to be thick-skinned. Be prepared to hear criticism, constructive or not, on projects you may have thought were the next best thing.
Lifestyle PR: Lifestyle PR is all about promoting living well. Lifestyle PR professionals work hard to convince their audience that their client has something to offer that will enable them to live better. One struggle within lifestyle PR is that what one consumer considers right, another consumer could consider wrong. Like any other PR professional, lifestyle PR experts know that it’s all about how the product or service appears to the consumer.
These are only three subcategories within the PR world. Many others exist, including non-profit, tourism, and political/government. The world is always changing, so who knows what industry you’ll land your feet in.
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Alyssa Guckin.

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