Resume Words to Avoid

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time to update your resume that is! Most of us are in the middle of our summer job search and what better way to prepare yourself than by editing your resume before you send it off to an employer. 

The best way to land the summer job of your dreams is to stand out! While you’re updating and editing, make sure to avoid these overused words:

1. People Person – Do you honestly even know what this means? Employers want to see that you can successfully communicate your ideas but “people person” does not really relay that. Use “effective communicator” instead and nix the “people person” nonsense. 

2. Hard Worker – Everyone claims to be a “hard worker” believe it or not! To impress your employer, explain how you have gone the extra mile by citing examples.

3. Dynamic – Unless you have figured out how to cure a disease or are a superhero, ditch the word dynamic.

4. Familiar With… – This is geared towards editing your skill set and qualification section. To describe your knowledge of computer programs like Microsoft Excel or Photoshop, use descriptive language such as: beginner, intermediate, proficient or advanced to really speak to your level of knowledge. 

5. Reliable – You wouldn’t be applying for a job if you weren’t reliable so it is okay to leave this word out. Employers expect you to be dependable and to arrive at work on time, no need to brag about it. 

The main point here is that you want to be able to show employers why you are the right person for the job. Words are a powerful thing and using descriptive words will help you stand out above the rest!

Check out more words to avoid here!

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