Not So Smooth Sailing

Carnival Cruse Line has sure had more lows than highs in these past couple of months. In just the past two months, Carnival has experienced three crisis. To say their PR department has been busy would be an understatement.  But the upside is that their PR department has been able to handle theses crises quickly and efficiently.
On Wednesday, The Triumph, which was the ship that had to be pulled to shore just a few months ago, was not securely stationed and due to strong winds was pushed over knocking two pedestrians into the water; because of the collision the ship also suffered some damage.
After this event, the Public Relations took to twitter. Taking to Twitter right away was one of the best things Carnival could have done. It shows they were not trying to hid anything and they wanted to eliminate the possibility of speculation and rumors.
Due to the crisis that occurred a few short months ago, Carnival needs to prevent factors that could lead to a tarnished reputation. This is one of the top cruise lines families’ travel on. If dangerous situations continue to occur, people will not longer feel comfortable using this company to travel.
What do you think about all the crises the Carnival Cruise Line has experienced? Would you still use this cruise line for travel? 

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