The Perfect Portfolio

Your resume and cover secured you an interview, but now what? Employers always ask for people to bring writing samples to the interview. But how do you know if your portfolio is up to par? These simple tips will help you create the perfect portfolio that will be sure to impress the company.
1. Keep it organized: Put your documents in a professional binder. This will not only help keep your papers looking clean but organized as well.
2. Include class projects: If this is your first job right out of school chances are you have not had a lot of “real world work” experience. So the best way to showcase your strengths is through projects you have completed in class.
3.Tailor the writing samples: When going for an interview include writing samples that are relevant to the job. This shows the company you are familiar with the work and can complete documents when asked.
4. Present reference letters: These documents will help highlight you as a person. The people who write these letters know you best and will communicate your strengths and accomplishments of previous positions.
5. Clean it up: Make sure all papers and documents are neatly organized and put together. Don’t have the papers falling out of portfolio; print new and clean copies of the writing samples. Also include loose documents for the employer to read.
Professionals appreciate when portfolios are neatly organized and easy to read. When putting your portfolio together think of where you are interviewing and tailor each document to favor the position. Also, remember to select documents that will showcase you in the best light and will make you stand out from all the other candidates.

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