Traveling with Social Media

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Lake Havasu, Arizona, the second largest spot for spring breakers. Along my travels I noticed more and more QR codes and commands from social media, like us on this or follow us on that. Does it help the travelers experience if they abide by social media decrees? In my experience, yes!
First stop on the trip we made a pit stop in Las Vegas, Nevada (home of gambling and sin) at the local casino, “Like Casino Nugget on Facebook and receive a credit for $5!” Yes, I would call this the first win for social media on the trip.  Further into the journey to get free SWAG from the London Bridge Resort sponsors such as Vitamin Water, Malibu Rum and Bud Light we had to do the aforementioned. For the record following social media=free stuff, I’ll do that any day of the week. So what do organizations get from giving you free stuff if you like them on Facebook or Instagram and follow them on Twitter? Short answer: Visibility of their content on your personal social media, that’s the tradeoff.
Additionally, social media was used to make our stay at London Bridge Resort more convenient. For example the TV in our suite provided an app we could use to change the channel, order movies and even room service!
As you travel the country or the world, look into your resources taking the time to download an app or follow someone on social media can make your stay/travels much easier and you can always uninstall or un-follow. 

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