B.I.G. Dreams Fulfilled: Temple Freshman Becomes Hooter the Owl!

Temple University Television made one student’s dreams of becoming Hooter the Owl for a basketball game come true. In their new pilot “B.I.G (Before I Graduate)” TUTV features a student making their dreams a reality. “Before I Graduate…” provides a unique forum for the diverse body of Temple University to state their goals, and make their ambitions a reality. This new series is aimed at all Temple University students trying to experience or achieve as much as possible while studying in Philadelphia.
TUTV’s first B.I.G. student was Elijah Goodwin, a freshman Theatre major, who wanted to be Hooter the Owl at a home basketball game. Elijah’s desire to become Hooter aligned perfectly with his desire to entertain and put on performances for an audience. The transformation into Hooter required a few dance lessons from the original Hooter himself to prepare for the opening of the basketball game. The transformation was a success, Elijah’s role as Hooter was believable to both him and the audience. Elijah stayed out performing longer than expected because he was enjoying it so much. 
This turned out to be a great experience for Elijah; his dream of becoming a real owl is realized. Keep up with TUTV by visiting their website at http://www.templetv.net/ and be on the lookout for more B.I.G. segments in the future! 

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