Will You “Like” the New Facebook Ideas?

Rebranding is part of every marketing plan. A product hits a point when a new development plan needs to occur. Facebook has been around for many years, and over those years they have implements many new features to this system. And now they have decided to add three new aspects to this already popular social media site.  
 1. Development of multiple new feeds. Currently, all the information on Facebook comes up in one main news feed. But now, the stories that show up in the main news feed section can be divided into multiple feeds. The three main feeds they are thinking of creating is one for friends’ activity, another for information regarding the pages people have “liked” and the final page just for news stories.
2. Facebook images will also be larger in size when they appear in the news feed. Facebook believes that if the images are larger they will be more eye appealing a thus generate more “likes”.
3. Users upload videos all the time, but the quality of these videos can be less than stellar. When videos are now uploaded to Facebook, they will go through a more extensive editing process. This process will ensure a better quality video for all your Facebook friends to watch.
These new ideas coming to Facebook will be sure to make Facebook users more excited about using Facebook. This website is constantly adding new aspects to the web page. At first, many seem hesitant on whether they are fans of the new features, but after awhile they get used to it. But with all these new ideas coming, there is just one question left unanswered, when will Facebook finally give us a “dislike” button?

1 thought on “Will You “Like” the New Facebook Ideas?

  1. The idea of multiple feeds or bigger pictures doesn't really appeal with me but, I am excited for the better quality video.


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