Feed me Flyers!

Sunday I worked my second Flyers Wives For Lives Carnival and this year I had a new perspective as a volunteer selling out 4,000 Mystery Bags.  Flyers Charities did a great job organizing and informing hundreds of much needed volunteers showing how a small organization can run a successful event raising over one million dollars in one day.

Day of, volunteer coordinators, and Dunkin’ Donuts (thank God!), were anxiously awaiting our arrival. As we were named our assignments we continued to our individual destinations awaiting the doors to open. The Carnival was chaotic with Flyers fans loving every opportunity to meet and great favorite players and alumni. Volunteers came around every hour with snacks and sandwiches for other volunteers working various booths and games to keep the momentum of the day.
“The Flyers Wives Carnival is a long-standing Philadelphia tradition.  I remember attending as a teenager and meeting players like Eric Lindros.  Now that I am on this side of the event, I get to see first-hand everything that goes into making the Carnival happen,” said Theresa Russell Development Manager for Comcast-Spectacor Charities. “We are so grateful to the many people that help us behind the scenes to get the building ready and, of course, the huge team of volunteers who offer their time at the various booths throughout the day.  The Flyers Wives Carnival wouldn’t be the event it is without them”.

The organization did a fantastic job with their hundreds of volunteers from the initial information to execution on the busy day.

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