5 Tips for Virtual Interviews

In the digital world we live it, it is no surprised that even interviews have gone virtual. Virtual interviews allow for more of a personal feel than the common phone interview. Instead of just feeling out vocals, virtual interviews give the interviewer and the interviewee a chance to read each other’s body language. Although convenient, virtual interviews can easily seem awkward and nerve wracking. Here are 5 tips that are sure to make your next virtual interview a piece of cake:

1. Look the part: Just because you aren’t meeting someone in person doesn’t mean you should dress down! Put on something that makes you feel confident and convinced. Doing so will help keep you focused on the task at hand.

2. Test your technology: Be sure to do a test run before you are supposed to connect. Make sure your camera and lighting settings are all correct, and that you have sound. Before the interview, be sure to confirm with your interviewer which program you will be connecting with (Skype, Oovoo, ect.). Also, be sure you have a secure and stable internet connection.

3. Clear the set: Be sure to tell your roommates or housemates that they should keep noise levels down and stay out of the room. You don’t want any unnecessary motion in the background while you try to tell the interviewer about yourself. Make sure the room the neat and well lit.

4. Be natural: During the interview, focus on the camera and speak in a natural tone and pace. Try to make the interview as conversational as possible. Try not to move around too much to avoid motion freezing on the screen, and be aware of any delay in technology while you’re interviewing.

5. Be prepared: One of the greatest advantages of virtual interviews is that you have all of your resources at your fingertips. Have any notes or points you want to bring up open in a separate window on the screen. This will avoid you having to shuffle around lose papers and cause unwanted background noise.

Have you ever conducted or had a virtual interview? Let us know how it went for you!

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