Pulling the Plug

What would we do without the Internet? Most of our daily activities revolve around Internet usage. It is hard to imagine how we would get things done if the Internet was ripped from our disposal. How would we communicate? How would we do research? How would we check our social media? Even though we heavily rely on the Internet, are we addicted? Use the following tips to get out from behind the computer
          1.  Don’t bring your computer to class. Sure, you may start off taking notes, but after a while       you attention starts to wonder and you start to check email, social media, anything but taking notes.
          2. Take a break from the Internet. After a long period of time spent looking at a computer, get up and do something active- go for a walk, go to the gym, get out and about.
          3. Admitting how much you use social media. Evaluate your use of social media. Don’t be afraid to admit how much time you spend online. If you are spending a large amount of time online, try and do something different.
          4. Deactivating your accounts. If worse comes to worse and you still find yourself unable to detach from social media try deactivating your accounts. Chances are you will find that you are getting more work done and will not be spending as much time online as before.
Daily tasks would probably get done faster if we didn’t have the Internet to distract us. It is best to always take breaks from the Internet. We do not want our life to pass us by while we sit on social media sites. Get out and be active.

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