Public Relations & Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing. If you have mastered this skill then you are on your well on your way to becoming a stellar public relations professional.

If you truly think about it, something as simple as being able to reiterate what your client wants takes skill. I remember first learning about paraphrasing in the fifth grade when I was apart of the Peer Mediators program at my elementary school. In our training, we were always told to immediately reiterate someone’s side of the story so you make it clear to that person that you understand them. This skill that I learned at a very young age are key in any type of communication.

Plain and simple, paraphrasing if when you put someone else’s idea into your own worlds. In the public relations field, paraphrasing is key. You are always putting your client’s ideas into your own words. This is especially important when first meeting with a client. You always want to make sure you fully understand your client’s vision.

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