Save Our Ship

Just a couple of days ago, one of the most popular cruise lines experienced a fire aboard one of its ships. Roughly 4,000 people were on the ship when the fire occurred, thankfully, no one was injured. Just a couple of days ago, the CEO of Carnival, Gerry Cahill released his statement apologizing for the recent events.
Carnival cruise line took action right away trying to rectify the events that took place. Issuing an apology is one of the first steps when a disaster such as this happens. People appreciate it when others take the time to write a statement and express their efforts to fix the situation. Right away the cruise line started to get in contact with tugboats that could go out and pull the ship safely to shore.
When a crisis like this happens no time can be wasted. Immediate action needs to happen to ensure the safe return of the passengers aboard the ship. Special accommodations were also made for the families of those aboard the ship who have flown in to await the return of their family members.
People will of course remember the time this cruse ship experienced a fire aboard their full passenger ship, but more importantly people will also remember the efforts made to bring the passengers home safely. Accidents like this happen, but how companies deal with these situations will make them more memorable for their actions than the accident itself.

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