A Digital Assessment with Adam Kmiec: #GoneGlobalRC13

Seven of us were up bright and early (coffee in hand) Saturday morning excited for our three hour journey to  Penn State’s Regional Conference. With no troubles we made it up the mountain(s) just in time for the conference’s key note speaker, Adam Kmiec, Global Director of Digital & Social Media at Campbell Soup Company. Kmiec professional career includes positions in agency and corporate Public Relations specializing in marketing, advertising and social media.  Adam’s presentation included great advice and a futuristic view on the importance of our generation in the digital revolution.

As PR professionals we are always looking for the next big thing. Adam reveals during his presentation that ‘the next big thing’ is likely to come from China, which was a shock to me. Adam explained that China had a form of FaceTime 10 years before we did! The newest marketing and social media campaigns out of China include consumer participation from contests to unique guerilla marketing tactics on the street of Beijing.

Adam also informed the young crowed about the importance of keeping an open mind to the future work environment. He explained that many companies, such as Campbell, are setting up intranet cloud spaces so employers can work from virtually anywhere. Adam attributes the work environment to help working globally. Adam even mentioned that Campbell hired a Digital Fitness Coach to help employers convert to the digital revolution.

To stand out in a stack of resumes, Adam enlightened the audience of the importance of being a “digital unicorn”. Facebook, Twitter, blogging and LinkedIn is the standard; we need to go above and beyond! Which filters of Instagram make food look the best or how many things can you do with a Pinterest board? Knowing the slight nuances of not-so-popular platforms is extremely important and will set you apart from other applicants.

Do you agree with Adam’s digital assessment? We want to know!

1 thought on “A Digital Assessment with Adam Kmiec: #GoneGlobalRC13

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