Inspire to Share

No matter what new technologies surface, word of mouth has been and always will be one of the greatest forms of endorsements. While that does not mean you shouldn’t take pride in your 1,000+ Twitter or Instagram followers, you must consider how engaged your followers, friends, and connections really are. Your brand must not only be likeable in today’s world, it must also be shareable. Yes, you know you are producing the content your audience wants when they feel it is so good, they have to tell their friends about it! If you’re finding that more of your content is being passed up than passed on, here are a few tips to inspire sharing:

  • Make it easy: If you think for one second someone is going to take the time to copy and paste a link to an online post, think again. These days, users like when the road map is placed right in front of them. Be sure that your posts contain easy viewed share buttons that let users post your content to any of their various social media platforms.
  • Utilize your resources: There are a lot of great websites that allow you to add share links in very creative ways. Click to Tweet is a service that allows you to generate a Tweet ahead of time, so all the user has to do is click to share your content with all of their followers. This allows you to share very specific content, without the hassle of incorporating extra share buttons.
  • Require it: Have you ever entered an online giveaway or contest to win freebies? Not only are giveaways a great way to engage your audience, they can help you tap into the people influenced by your audience. Next time you host a giveaway on your blog, be sure that sharing some of your content is a requirement for entry.
  • Inspire to share: The saying holds true, content is KING! If you feel your users are missing something, as them the types of content they would like to see. Ask them what will cause them to share your content. Let your analytics come straight from the horses mouth. Users will always want to pass along quality content.
Have you found any tips or tricks that helped make your content more shareable? Let us know!

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