Down with Debt

How would you like $20,000 toward your student loans?
According to CNN Money, the average student loan debt is $30,000  for graduates of Pennsylvania Universities.
In an effort to encourage students to start saving money and pay back their student debt faster, MassMutual Financial Group introduced their new Facebook campaign, “Down with Debt” which will reward one recent graduate with $20,000 toward their student loans.
“MassMutual recognizes that new graduates and young professionals in today’s world face big financial challenges,” said Tara Reynolds, MassMutual’s corporate vice president. “As a result, we created ‘Down with Debt’ to help people learn about effective ways to conquer their loans and take smart first steps in building a secure financial future.”
MassMutual intends on using the Facebook campaign as an opportunity to educate a younger demographic on their monetary future.
As an almost grad this was a very attractive campaign. I do not know much about finances; 401 K’s, various CD packages and low-high mutual funds all seem like a foreign language. So as someone who is always looking for a viable resource for pretty much everything from Philly’s best restaurants to thrifts stores, this is a great opportunity to get ahead on my finances. 

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