Twitter + Video = PR Pro Heaven

For years now, Twitter has been a go to platform and service for PR professionals. It took a while, but we managed to master the 140 character press release, the Twitter media list, and making all of our tweets retweetable. But now, Twitter has upped the ante once again and this time it seems they have PR pros in mind!

Last Thursday, January 24th, Twitter released a new mobile app service called The Vine. Available for both iPhone and iPod touch, The Vine allows users to record 6 second videos to share on Twitter, Facebook, and The Vine platform. Imagine, a timeline that will now be filled with text, photos, and video! Gone are the days where you would have to link to a video in hopes that your follower’s curiosity would be sparked enough to click. Now, you can share your video messages easily and conveniently. To see The Vine app in action, visit Twitter’s Official Blog here.

The integration of The Vine into Twitter is definitely a point in favor of PR, but can also present some challenges and struggles in the beginning. However, like the 140 character press release, we PR pros will also master the 6 second shared video. Here are a few ways you can create 6 seconds of video genius:

  • Promotional Videos: If your client is launching a new product, website, or other service, send your followers a teaser of things to come by posting a short promo video.
  • Sneak Peaks: Everyone loves to find out what’s going on behind the scenes. Take some quick footage of the production process of your client’s latest project and share it with your fans!
  • Recaps: Instead of posting quotes from a speaker, why not share the actual video of them speaking? This is bound to be much more interactive and gain a higher response.
These are just a few ways to implement The Vine’s services, of course the possibilites are endless. Have you heard of The Vine, and will you use it? Let us know, and share your creations on Twitter with @PRowlPR!

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