Deadly Fire in Brazil

Firefighters at the scene of Kiss night club Agencia RBS/AFP/Getty Images

I woke up this morning to the news that there was a devastating fire early this morning at a night club in Brazil. Almost 250 people have been reported dead so far. The suspected cause is sparks stemming from a pyrotechnic performance at the night club. Allegedly, some of the emergency exits were locked, preventing patrons from being able to escape, once the fire ignited and spread within seconds. However, many lay blame to asphyxiation caused by the fire. As a result of a lack of oxygen, people became confused and disoriented in a struggle to find an exit. 50 people were found in the club’s bathroom, which was confused for an exit.

Kiss, the night club where the fire erupted is a popular party destination for college kids in Santa Maria. 300-500 people were inside the club at the time of the fire making it difficult for emergency personnel to get inside. The emergency services were commended for their quick response.

The night club fire is set to have the highest death toll from a fire since 2000. It is yet to be seen who will be liable for the accident; the band who launched the pyrotechnics, or the scene of the fire, Kiss.

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