What’s Bigger than the Super Bowl?

It’s that time of year again- the eagerly anticipated and most watched program on television is just around the corner. There will be jerseys, face painting, greasy food, and of course beer flying off the shelves over the next several days. Getting the hints? Yes, I am in fact talking about Super Bowl XLVII. I have clearly stated the obvious about the upcoming game, but there is much more that goes into the big day than one may realize. 
Like every year, corporations and businesses drop an extraordinary amount of money to advertise during the game. These commercials are no joke, racking in nearly $4 million each for a measly 30 seconds. Because the advertisements have become nearly bigger than the game itself, the Super Bowl is a major platform for PR and marketing pros to catch their target audience.
Lisa Zlotnick, Lippe Taylor‘s VP of media said, “[This] is an opportunity for PR. The media wants to tell this story. The key is to think of creative ways to incorporate your clients into one of the biggest nights of the year and get your brands out there.” PR pros disect the Super Bowl from every angle to determine ways to reach the target audience. They will take the teams playing into account, the psychographics of their fans, they will consider gender, and all age groups watching. The Super Bowl is designed to incorporate something that fits all niches for viewers; competition, humor, music, technological advancements, and graphic design elements. All of these areas of interest are addressed and it’s what makes for the vast audience that tunes in. 
The commercials are there to spark creativity, individuality, and of course conversation about the brand. The third-party credibility part follows, and that is when PR steps in. So, who’s going to be watching? I know I’m not missing Beyonce’s performance… 

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Nicole Leo.

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