What I have learned from PRowl

This time last year, I received an email from Niki Ianni telling me I was officially hired to be part of PRowl Public Relations and I cried and called my parents immediately. I was so excited to be part of something so incredible and to start my career as a young PR student. After a year with PRowl, I am headed to Paris to study abroad and am sad to be leaving. Following an incredible year, filled with track changes, emails, presentations and the building of incredible relationships, PRowl has taught me two important skills that will help me immensely when I study abroad.
1. Networking- As I head to Paris, I do not know ANYONE. I am not going through Temple University so I am going to a foreign country, alone. Luckily, PRowl has taught me the importance of networking and communication with others. After multiple networking events, I have learned that is it not that scary to introduce yourself to someone, carry a conversation and build a relationship. I will use this very important skill and my French skills to meet new people and make lasting relationships like the ones I have made in PRowl.
2. It is OK to make mistakes- The first assignment I sent to my account executive came back completely red, filled with track changes and comments.  When I called my mentor about the track changes, she told me not to worry, they were not there to deter me but rather to help me improve. All of the edits and constructive criticism I received helped me develop as a writer, PR student and a person. As I head to Paris, I have five semesters of college French in my head but I know I will freeze at points and instead of saying “bonjour” say “hey”, but that is OK. PRowl has taught me that mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of; they are a learning device to help you in the future.
As I leave one incredible experience for another, I think back to one year ago and how I have developed with the help of PRowl Public Relations. I have learned important skills about PR, life and myself and I feel more prepared than ever to take these skills abroad and succeed!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Brianna Rooney.

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