Overwhelmed? Overcome it!

For most of us college students, today marks the end of our first week back on campus. We still haven’t mastered our schedules, are most definitely sleep deprived and still have textbooks to purchase. It all can seem, well – a bit overwhelming. Stress and time management are common themes in the world of academia. It is always beneficial, instead of diving in head first, to step back and look at what you can do to help yourself before the semester truly begins.

Here are some things you can do to get yourself organized, relaxed and ready to bring on the spring semester!

1. Schedule your day, down to the hour – Having everything you need to accomplish written down on a schedule or in a planner will help you to procrastinate less and focus more.

2. Take your time – Quality is better than quantity. Don’t rush small assignments in the beginning of the semester because that will become a habit all semester long. Make sure you give yourself enough time to produce quality work.

3. Don’t take more on than you can handle – Think you can handle 18 credits, a part time job, an internship AND a social life? It will never happen. Make sure your plate isn’t too full this semester so you can focus better.

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