Remembering The PR Legend Dan Edelman

Daniel Edelman’s death has made this a sad week for public relations. A true pioneer in the field, Edelman built a small public relations firm in 1952 that rose to the 4,500, 65 city industry it is today. As the PR world mourns his death, this is also a time to celebrate all his achievements and the important contributions he made to building this profession. 

Dan died of heart failure early Tuesday morning at the age of 92. His agency, which was founded 60 years ago, helped to make many famous brands household names. Dan’s creativity, independence, hard work, ethics and attention to detail are great examples to follow for any aspiring PR pro or veterans within the field.   

Here is a Daniel Edelman quote I live by:

 “If you’re not enthusiastic, how can you expect the client to be enthusiastic about what you’re doing?” 

Check out Edelman’s company website here.

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