Monopoly puts its own pieces in jail

One of America’s most iconic games Monopoly is losing one of its original pieces, the iron, race car, thimble, shoe, top hat, Scottie dog, wheelbarrow and battleship, to make way for a new piece in 2013. In a vote over Facebook, “Save Your Token,” users are invited to cast their vote to save their favorite piece and take a sneak peak of the new line-up which includes the robot, cat, ring, helicopter and guitar. But not to worry traditionalists, Hasbro plans to release a special Classic Monopoly Golden Token Edition that will include a gold version of all eight classic tokens.
Like many other companies, Hasbro is jumping on board with the voter’s choice method of elimination. Will consumers be more likely to buy the new game if they voted in this competition? The answer, probably not, but it does throw consumers into childhood nostalgia.
The game Monopoly was invented in 1935 by Charles Darrow, whose young nieces suggested the game should use metal charms from charm bracelets instead of buttons.
Monopoly enthusiasts are also encouraged to cast their vote to save their favorite token on Twitter by using #tokenvote, results to be revealed February 5. 


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