A New Age Of Facebook

As Facebook grows older so do its members. People that were once young using the “hip” new Facebook have grown older yet still continue on as registered members. But just who exactly are their main members? The answer may surprise you. Men. Middle age men are the ones who are using Facebook the most and not only registering at older ages but keeping their profiles up to date for longer periods of time as well. 
Keeping that old audience is great, but it is also important to remember that new members sign up every day and there cannot be a reliance on one demographic. New generations of people will eventually wipe out this older generation of users and then they will become the older audience still using Facebook. 
As people grow older, Facebook provides them with the ability to stay in touch with those special people in their lives. This is why, currently, their membership of an older audience is stronger than the younger. People will accept the new age of technology because they realize the advantages it can provide for them. Facebook is part of this advantage and people are embracing the many avenues presented to them. 
Facebook will always have a continuous cycle of new members becoming old member and then eventually a non-member. But it is important for Facebook to still be a thought in people’s minds. People have to want to join and it is Facebook’s job to keep the interest alive. 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations Secretary Alison Curran.

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