PR Pro: The Perfect Social Media Manager

Behind many company social media sites sits a public relations professional. While this is a general majority, some companies are weary or confused as to why the PR department or a PR pro should manage social media. Below are a few reasons as to why PR pros can, and should, manage social media:

We are experienced storytellers: It is the PR professional’s job to reach multiple audiences through multiple means of communication. We generate content and engage our audience with relevant and newsworthy topics. Social media is the perfect way to do so and PR pros its perfect master.

We are expert communicators: We are trained perfectionists in proofreading copy. PR pros are well versed in writing and editing and are less likely to publish errors.

We are experienced in relationship building: It is our responsibility to build relationships with journalists and investors in our brand. The goal of social media is to build relationships from across the world and trained to answer questions fast and with a plus in customer service.

We know crisis communications: With many crises, social media response is encouraged if not required. PR professionals are accustomed to responding to a crisis in a timely, appropriate and helpful manner for both the brand and it’s customers.

We have always sought feedback: We have a thirst to find out what others are saying about our client. Social media is a great way to monitor public perceptions and gain feedback from consumers at all times that can be used for future organizational change and improve productivity.

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