New Year’s Resolutions for the PR Student

With the beginning of a new year comes an opportunity for changes and self-improvement.  As we prepare to ring in the New Year, it’s time to start thinking of some New Year’s Resolutions.   As PR students, we must be adaptable to change in order to be the best rising PR pros we can be.  To ensure a happier and more successful new year, consider resolving to do the following.  
  • Keep a schedule: Between internships, classes and extracurricular activities, a PR student can maintain a busy schedule.  In order to keep track of what responsibilities are in store for a certain week, make sure you are diligent about using a planner.  Don’t let yourself be the victim of missing a deadline or an upcoming assignment from forgetfulness!
  • Clean-up social media: Consider this an early spring-cleaning for the new year.  Take a hard look at your social media accounts: is the content on your pages appropriate? Questionable photos or posts can jeopardize internship opportunities and jobs down the road.  In terms of professionalism, make sure you’re putting your best Facebook forward.
  • Look for internships NOW: It is only the beginning of 2013, but it’s never too early to start the search for summer internships. Some internships have strict  application deadlines which may be earlier than you’d expect.  Applying early shows initiative, a highly-sought trait in prospective interns.  You’ve worked hard to be considered a qualified candidate for an internship; don’t miss out because you applied too late!
  • Stay in the loop: Being informed of what’s happening in the news is essential in PR. This new year, resolve to become more knowledgeable of current events.  One way to do this?  Use Twitter, of course!  By following world and local news programs and top reporters, you will be instantly connected to what’s been reported.  

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