How To Craft The Perfect Tweet

As any aspiring PR professional knows, Twitter is an important platform to engage an audience. Social media managers are always looking to craft the perfect tweet. After all, aren’t we all looking to get a retweet or a follow?

Here are some important tips in order to craft the perfect tweet for your company or your personal brand:

1. Links: Including links in your tweets is one easy way to get a retweet. Don’t just tell people about something; show them!

2. Timeliness: Always make sure the tweets you are crafting deal with timely news. Tweets mentioning news are usually the most shared.

3. Technology News: If you are looking to gain more mentions and retweets, try tweeting about tech news.

4.  “You”: Using “you” instead of “I” spark more retweets because it makes the tweet more universal and less personal.

5. Punctuation: Make sure to always use correct punctuation in your tweets. No one will retweet something with improper grammar!

Do you have any other tips to crafting the perfect tweet? Let us know!

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