6 Pet Peeves Of Social Media Managers

Waking up late and posting a few tweets or Facebook posts may seem like an easy job to some, but does not even begin to describe the difficult task of being a social media manager. Social media managers serve as the face, voice, and often the interactive arm of an organization or brand. It is our job to reach out to you, know what you’re talking about, and find the best way to serve you – the consumer.

Managing any social media account, especially more than one, has to be a labor of love. Yes, social media is not a typical 9-5, and there are rarely days off! It is a craft that has to be mastered over time, and many social media gurus put a lot of work into their efforts. That being said, here are 6 things that annoy almost every social media manager:

#6. Hashtags on Facebook: Imagine someone using your well written research paper as a coaster at a party. Social media managers use hashtags to track trends and to better interact with users. Facebook does not currently have a hashtag integration, so seeing them on the site will just confuse and annoy us.

#5. Scheduled Posts: Scheduled posts can either be a life saver or a life ruiner. In the wake of recent tragedies  we’ve seen how schedule posts can make a brand or organization seem insensitive and out of the loop.

#4. Tweetgram: Each new social media platform offers a new and exciting way to reach and interact with your audience. Twitter gave us words, and Instagram gave us photos, never were the two meant to become one in the same.

#3. The Macro-Micro Blog: Tumblr is another great social media platform offering a microblogging solution for those who have a message to get out in a few less words. So you can imagine how we, the social media managers, feel when we scroll down a tumblr dashboard only to find a 500 character blog post.

#2. Mobile Alerts: There is nothing quite like being right in the middle of a deep sleep only to be abruptly awoken by a Twitter mention. While we can turn off alerts during certain times of the night, the alerts never really stop.

#1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Yes, ask any social media manager and they will tell you that their number one pet peeve is social media itself. Our jobs create the ultimate love hate relationship, and sometimes we feel more hate than love. While we wouldn’t trade our jobs for anything, every social media manager has seen or reached his or her breaking point!

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