Stamping A New Path Of Promotion

There is a new type of promotion that this taking over the world of branding recently, street art. I first noticed this type of advertising when I was on my way to the Temple University Tech Center. I noticed a small stamp near the bell tower on the ground in bright white chalk paint with the name of an event and a date. I couldn’t help but consider how genius this type of marketing strategy was, it was extremely simple while at the same time generating great publicity for the event.
Upon doing some more research on this new type of promotion, I discovered that the street stamp is becoming more and more popular in cities as a way to get people interested in new brands. The main idea of the street stamp is to subtly draw attention to a brand, event, or organization by leaving a small stamp with the logo in high traffic areas such as public walkways, college campuses, and city sidewalks. The main reason that this type of branding is successful is because it draws curiosity to the brand. The first time that I saw the Temple Made Live stamp on the sidewalk I was immediately intrigued. I quickly started asking around trying to figure out what the deal was with the event. 
While posters and flyers are the typical types of promotion used to generate publicity about people or events, the street stamps are almost always more successful because they generate that curiosity. With posters and fliers, all the information you need about an event or person is automatically given to you; but with the street stamp, you are required to do your own research. This type of promotion will drive people to Google the brand or look it up on Twitter or Facebook, which ultimately is generating the brand more publicity than it would receive otherwise. 
Have you noticed any street stamp promotions around? What drew you to them and where have you seen them? Let us know!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Lexi Drexler 

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