Closing The Book

As we prepare to say farewell to another year, it is likely that many PR pros are saying goodbye to old clients and prepping to usher in new ones. Closing an account or completing a client project should always envolve more than wishing the client well and going on your way. While it may seem evident to you that you did your job, and very well at that, you may have to outline and make clear exactly what you’ve done for a client. These are usually done in the form of an evaluation report. Even if you aren’t closing an account with a client, providing evaluation reports is a great way to make sure you and the client are on the same page. Here are some things you should include in your evaluation:

  • Review the original goal: Provide details what you set out to do for the client. Although this has likely been outlined in the original contract, providing it again helps to refresh the client’s and your memories.
  • Results: What did you get done for the client? Track how well you accomplished all of the original goals that were set. Be sure to be honest, the client deserves to know what you actually did.
  • Problems and solutions: What strategies or tactics didn’t work out so well? Here is a chance for you to explain some of the less favorable results you may have gotten. Note things that you would do differently the next time around. Maybe you hosted an event the same night as another event in town, so next time you know to check local event calendars before setting a date.
  • What went right: Talk about some of the good things that happened on the account. Maybe you enhanced media relations or increased awareness about your client locally or nationally. All of those things are great and while they may not be quantifiable, they are more than noteworthy.
  • Reevaluate and reset goals: Now that you and the client have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t work to meet their needs, you can form new realistic goals for the client. For example, if you found that the client’s target audience responded well via social media, then hosting a social media contest is more than doable for that client.
Have you ever done an evaluation report for a client? Share your experiences with us.

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