5 “Don’ts” For The First Week of an Internship

The first week of a new internship can be an intimidating experience for most people, and trying to remember every small detail while on the job can be hard. With the start of spring internships right around the corner, it is important to keep these 5 “Don’ts” in mind during your first week:
1. Don’t be overwhelmed– The first week of an internship can be an overwhelming experience. Many times your boss will load you up with multiple assignments because they are happy to have the help, and you might feel way out of your league when you go to sit back down at your desk. However, this is not the case! Take a deep breath, give yourself a pep-talk and prioritize your assignments, making sure to allot extra time to more detailed tasks. 
2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions– Sometimes it can be easy to think of internships as things that enhance a resume and forget that they are huge learning opportunities. Ask questions! Not only about an assignments, but industry questions as well. Curiosity and a thirst to learn is an attractive quality to an employer, and shows that you’re there to make the most of your experience. 
3. Don’t be distracted– In the linked-in world we live in today, it is easy to want to communicate with friends through texts and Twitter while on the clock, but resist the urge to be absorbed in your phone all day. Being 100% engaged in your work shows your interest and dedication to the job.
4. Don’t turn down any offers from your boss – In the first week on a job, many things are thrown your way. Lunch outings, sitting in on meetings and staff team building opportunities might seem to take a back seat to your assignments, but they are just as important. Take advantage of sitting in on a meeting or conference call. Showing an interest in your new work environment will allow co-workers to get to know you better and make you feel more comfortable.
5. Don’t run out the door at 5 p.m. on Friday without touching base with HR– Although 5 p.m. Friday might be looking like the answer to your prayers after a long first week, make sure to drop in the Human Resources office before leaving and let them know how you like the internship. Tell them about some of the things you have already learned and accomplished in your first week. They will be happy that you thought to touch base with them and pleased to hear the feedback. As always, thanking them for the job opportunity once more can’t hurt!
Most importantly: have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself! As time progresses you will get more comfortable with your boss, assignments and new environment. Your hard work and efforts landed you this internship; you are there for a reason!
What are some suggestions you might have for new interns? Leave us a comment!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Tessa Cohn.

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