The Finals Count Down

If you are in college then you are either currently taking finals or your finals are quickly approaching. As aspiring public relations professionals, many of us pride ourselves on being master multi-taskers but sometimes we don’t always know how to slow done. Finals are stressful, but you don’t have to let them get you down. Below, find a few tips to help you prepare and to de-stress.

1. Start early
Studying shouldn’t begin the night before your exam. Preparation for your final exam should be a semester long process. Down to the last minute? Spend most of your time focusing on the main points and cram a little bit of those extraneous details in last.

2. Get organized
Outline when each of your finals are and all the materials each final covers. Break up your study time based upon this outline and divide and conquer!

3. Ask for help
Ask your roommate, friend or Skype mom or dad back home and ask them to quiz you. Studying verbally and with another person is proven to enhance your retention capabilities.

4. Sleep
Finals are designed to make you think. If you are so exhausted that you cannot even process any of the information you crammed, it won’t even be worth it.

5. Keep calm
We’ve all seen the motto”Keep Calm, and Carry On…” but let’s take it to heart. Stressing out during the exam will make you feel overwhelmed and you will begin to doubt yourself. If you answered a question and you are fairly certain it was the correct choice, don’t change it. It’s been found that when you change you answer during a test, you tend to change it to a wrong answer. Be confident!

My exams are next week and I’ve already begun studying, have you? If so, how will you be preparing?

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