The 5 Friends You Should Meet In PR

You’ve heard it once, and I’m sure you will hear it a million times more; public relations is dependent upon relationships. Much of what we do as public relations professionals could not be done if there were not other hardworking people in various professions also striving to do their jobs well. PR may be our passion, but people should be our specialty. It is important that we make connections with professionals in various areas, and make our relationships as symbiotic as possible. Below are 5 people that PR professionals should include in their personal networks:

The Operations Manager – Having trouble finding out exactly when a certain person is in the office? Or what certain logistics are for an event happening that is of interest to you? Then contacting the operations manager is your best bet. This person will know most if not all of the details you’re looking for – from where the plates and spoons are being ordered from to which celebrities will grace the step and repeat.

The Journalist – This is one of the most stressed relationships in public relations. The perfect client with the perfect PR strategy is nothing without somewhere to place the story. Always keep good relations with journalists of all kinds – bloggers, print journalists, broadcast journalists, you never know who you will need to pitch to.

The Venue Owner – Event specialists, this one is for you! Large or small, every event needs to happen somewhere. Keeping strong ties with venue owners will help you make the event of your client’s dreams come to fruition.

The Web/Graphic Designer – Is your client launching a new website or online project? Not without proper web execution! Many times, we want to suggest things to our clients that neither we nor them can execute. Many firms do not have an in-house graphic designer or web developer, and out sourcing may exceed budgets. Having a reliable friend in the industry means you always have someone to call on when those tough projects come up.

The Fellow PR Pro – No one will understand what you do more than those who are also in your industry. The smartphone attachment, email obsession, and slight case of anxiety may not make sense to those around you, but you can always count on your fellow PR pro to understand what you’re going through.

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