Prepping For Press: Media Training Checklist

You’ve done it – you’ve sent numerous pitches and releases and finally landed your client the perfect interview. It may seem that your work is done, but really it has just started. Nothing could be worse for a client than having them make a fool of themselves and the brand you have worked so hard to promote. Media training simply suggests that you tell the client what to do and say when they are in front of the media in any setting. There are rules and regulations to everything – and when dealing with the press, it’s best to be prepared.

Here are some things to tell your client before sending them to the press:

Know the objectives: What are they going to the media to talk about? Make sure they know exactly what has to be said, and that they know how to bring up the message as the focal point of their media interaction.

Logistics: If you aren’t accompanying the client to the media engagement, be sure that the date, time, and location of the interaction have all been double checked and confirmed. If the client shows up late or on the wrong date, it reflects negatively on you as well.

Viewership: Know the audience of the media outlet your client will be featured on. If they target a younger, hip audience, be sure the client has been trained and prepped on how to frame the message to engage that specific argument.

Mock Q&A: Question and answer segments can often leave people stumped, and can defer them from expressing their true objective for being there. Go through a possible list of questions that could be asked, and provide a series of answers that would be appropriate. Remember, always answer the question, just answer it to the client’s advantage.

Follow up: After your client has done an interview or made an appearance, be sure to follow up with the media contact. This insures you keep a positive relationship with that contact and lets you know how the interview or appearance went before it hits the airwaves or print. It damage control needs to be done, it’s best you know ahead of time.

2 thoughts on “Prepping For Press: Media Training Checklist

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