Avoid Being A PR Grinch This Holiday Season.

‘Tis the season for holiday gift guides! Every year, media outlets across the board generate gift guides – a medley featuring their recommendations of products for their target audiences to purchase as holiday gifts. Impressing the media and securing coverage for your client during this time of year is competitive and crucial to raise awareness. For this reason, crafting the perfect pitch is instrumental. The following are tips and tricks to make your pitch stand out:
  1. Start Early: Blogs, magazines and other online media outlets have different deadlines. It is essential to identify your product ahead of time and start early, as many print publications have 90 day lead times. However, outlets like blogs do not even begin to consider gift guides until December. Do your research, and start by targeting the media with the longest lead times.
  2. Tend to the Details: Be sure your product is applicable to the outlet you are pitching. If you know the reporter you are sending is vegan, pass on sending them a pitch about your client’s fab leather jacket. Many reporters are searching for certain themes such as eco-friendly, style, electronics and more. It can be helpful to create categories to make it easier for editors to find where your product may fit in their gift guide.
  3. Non-tangible Gifts: Not all gifts need to be tangible items. Consider pitching gift guides for your non-profit or philanthropic clients by turning their service into a giftable item. For example, Plant One Million – a fundraising campaign to raise money for tree planting and more – offers an opportunity to make a donation in someone else’s honor. In return, the recipient is sent a certificate of the gifted tree. Cue the warm and fuzzies!
  4. Impress the Reporter: Our friends at Philadelphia’s leading lifestyle communications firm, Matthew Vlahos Public Relations, say, “Gifting is never a bad idea.” Prove your client’s product is worthy by sending or hand delivering the product you are pitching. Who doesn’t love free stuff?
Follow these tips, and your clients will adore you. Are you gearing up to pitch holiday gift guides for your client? Share how you make the best of your pitch!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Samantha Miller

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