Respect My Authority

The introduction and integration of bloggers have transformed the Public Relations industry, including new trends that are just now proving unique challenges for PR professionals in corporations.

As more sources of information begin to saturate news consumption, transparency and authority are becoming the forefronts of corporation’s information.
At the source-   The term “expert” is now being looked at more closely as consumers are becoming more skeptical of authors education and knowledge on a particular topic. More corporations are now providing biographies to prove authors authenticity.
Saturation of news- Now with so many avenues of interests, companies are now looking to be a source with a concentrated interest for consumers, such as the National Constitution Center, not just another opinion.
Consumers with control- As social media has become more prominent and now a part of our everyday lives, consumers hold the power to influence a brand. Social media strategists for companies are learning the importance of listening to consumer’s suggestions and implementing new ideas of engagement such as Lays potato chip new campaign, “Do us a flavor”.
What do you think corporations are doing to show transparency?

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