Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Here’s to those with their own blogs, websites, business plans, self-made clothing/jewelry, produced music, etc.; congrats on being talented, but…NO ONE KNOWS YOU! Well, that is if you are not self-promoting of course. I cannot begin to express how crucial it is to be your own biggest fan in order to get your name, and what you can do, out there.
Speaking from personal experience, I found truth in this the hard way. I write weekly fashion articles for and I received next to zero reads in the beginning of my internship. This was because I did nothing to help myself, and instead I relied heavily on my editors to do whatever they wished with my published works. Not a smart strategy. Once I started posting my articles and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram; my reads skyrocketed. I then created business cards with CollegeFashionista, I spoke highly of my articles and the website at networking events, and I made sure to be known by everyone as a style guru for Temple University – up again went my number of reads. Fact of the matter is; no one knows your work as well as you do. Therefore, no one can promote you as well as you can. Here are a few tips for promoting yourself:
  1. Social Media- It’s been said before, but it bears repeating; social media is necessary these days in order to promote yourself. Don’t be shy, or lazy, and at least join the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Joining social media sites with help you connect with other up- and- comers and potential employers
  2. Be Unique- Although drawing inspiration from others is helpful, don’t do what’s been done. Here’s a relatable example: when shopping I try to find something I know no one else would be wearing because who’s going to recognize me if I look like everyone else? Well, same thing goes for your produced works. Hello people, it’s called originality, ring any bells?
  3. Be Mindful of your Reputation- Like they always say, “guilty by association.” Like it or not, who you associate with and what you promote reflect you – choose wisely! If you do not agree with a company’s core values or you wouldn’t show your grandmother what you wrote, steer clear!
If you don’t get anything else out of this blog, get this: confidence in what you can do is completely mandatory. Be authentically you, be proud, yet humble, and give them something to remember you by at the end of the day. 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Nicole Leo.

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