Aldo Gives Free Shoes to Curious Pedestrians

Feet gross me out but if it meant free shoes, why not? In Israel, major shoe retail Aldo, tested pedestrians’ curiosity by placing a welcome mat in the middle of a street that read these instructions:

  1. Stand here on our welcome mat
  2. Take a picture of your shoes on Instagram
  3. Tag your pic #aldo
  4. Write your shoes size
  5. Ring my bell
…and a surprise of a new pair of shoes from arrives rolling up to you. The bell rang 457 times and over 500 pictures were loaded to Instagram. An alarming number of 798,385 total interactions were recoded that day.
The implementation of social media with guerilla marketing makes for an effective tactic. The first guerilla marketing viral tactic incorporated with social media was QR codes. Comparatively this is more interactive which is where brands have an opportunity to distinguish themselves. Not only does guerilla marketing paired with social media measure awareness but also engagement, request and a return.
Coca-Cola was at the forefront of this interaction with their “Open Hapiness” campaign which set up vending machines at the National University of Singapore that traded fee hugs for Coca-Cola drinks.
Would you take a picture of your feet for free schoes? How about hug a vending  for a free Coke?

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