The Pros and Cons of Live Tweeting

Today in a world run by social media, especially in PR, live tweeting seems to be taking over events of all sorts. Many PR industry pros are taking advantage of this new phenomenon to promote their events and even provide a hashtag for tweeters to use at their event.
Live tweeting is great way to engage audience members as well as endorse an event and their company. Tweeters are able to share quotes, photos and event details to all their followers. Also, live tweeting allows one to connect with followers, realize similar hobbies and opinions as well as stimulate conversation. Although this new conversation can be beneficial, there is also a problem with live tweeting.
With PR pros constantly connected to social media and their cell phones, live tweeting can easily become another distraction. When one is using their phone to tweet, they are more likely to check text messages, emails and other tweets, taking away from the speaker and event. In addition, when one is furiously tweeting and typing away, you miss much of what is being said. One could miss an important fact, message or quote because you are looking at your phone. When everyone is looking at their phone, there is no focus on the speaker and it comes off rude, even if people are tweeting quotes.
Since it is presidential debate season, we see millions of tweets surrounding the debates, but it begs the question, how much of the debate are you actually watching? Are you watching just to tweet, to show your followers you are “engaged” and to tweet at others, or are you watching to become informed on the issues. Live tweeting takes away one’s engagement to an event or TV segment.
Live tweeting has its pros and cons, but when does live tweeting go too far?
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Brianna Rooney

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