Americans Would Rather Fire Their Bosses Than Recieve a Raise

A survey conducted by psychologist Michelle McQuaid author of “Five Reasons to Tell Your Boss To Go F**k Themselves”, revealed that 65% of Americans would rather get rid of their bosses than receive a raise (and in this economy!?).

McQuid comments that the results reveal that Americans are unhappy in the workplace and 55% say they would be more successful if they got along better with their supervisor.

Although an unhappy workplace is comprised of more than just a horrible boss such as  co-works and job tasks, the survey also reveals that employees who dislike their bosses take an average of 15 more sick days per year than other workers which results in $360 billion dollars a year in lost productivity.
To be a good boss it takes time, effort and experience. Understanding your employees and efficiently utilizing their strengths is the best way to start a good relationship. As the Firm Director of PRowl, I am always looking for better ways to connect with my staff and gain their trust. After reading this article, I asked my staff to take an anonymous survey to help gain a better underatnding of how I can provide a safe work enviornmnet and be a better leader. The results will help me the determine the changes I need to make and provide an opportunity to listen to my staff.
Other statistics from the survey include:
  • When asked about the impact a bad supervisor could have on their health. 73% of those in their 20s and 30s said their health is at stake, while only 40% of those 50 and older felt that way
  • 31% of employees polled feel uninspired and unappreciated by their boss, and close to 15% feel downright miserable, bored and lonely.
  • Only 36% of survey respondents say they are happy at their job.

How can your work environment be changed for the better? We want to know!

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