Be a Source

Temple’s PRSSA chapter allows Public Relations students to gain a better understanding of the industry by hosting Public Relations professionals to speak. Most recently, Ashley Berke, Director of Public Relations for the National Constitution Center, spoke on the importance of being a source for the news.

The industry of media relations is vastly changing. With the social media revolution, sources are becoming Twitter feeds and credibility is few and far between. Being a credible source is a powerful tool in today’s industry. It allows you to be the source of content and content is king.

The National Constitution Center’s new website is a great example of how organizations should present their information.  Along with press kits, press releases, and polls and publications, the organization also provides partner sources of experts that speak of the National Constitution Center’s behalf.  In addition to providing publicized sources, the National Constitution Center has their own non-biased blog.

Being a source means your organization can be the validation of content.

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