The Mysterious Temple Made Campaign Launched into Success

As Temple students and families journeyed back to North Philadelphia this past August for another school year, they most likely noticed Temple’s new look. Not only on the campus itself, but signs, posters and highway billboards displaying the now infamous cherry and white “game face” seemed to have taken over the greater Philadelphia region, and showed that Temple had something different up its sleeve. Although very exciting and empowering, many were not exactly sure what this big fuss was about, including me.
With football kicking off its first season in the Big East, the University decided it was time for a school spirit refresher. And they did just that! The new Temple Made campaign has taken off to greater heights than could have ever been imagined. “Self-Made, Philly Made, Temple Made” has not only become a successful advertising slogan, but it has given Temple students, faculty and alumni the chance to feel a part of something bigger. 
But what exactly has sparked so much interest and has fueled the success of this new movement? The creators of the Temple Made officially launched the campaign on September 27, 2012, but the days leading up to the big event held student interest because of the mysteriousness of it all, with social media playing a vital role in spreading the word about the launch. 
Temple University’s official Twitter account and Facebook page sent out teaser messages every day that increased visibility for the event, but never gave the secret away as to what was actually going to happen. Pictures of sidewalk decals from around campus that read “Temple Made: 9.27.12” were also being tweeted and posted on Instagram from Temple University and student accounts. This was the key to capturing student attention, and holding on to it up until the actual day of the launch. 
The end result: a fun-filled evening of food, DJ’s, and friends, with more than 2,500 people in attendance! The answer to the big surprise: a 90- minute slide show of pictures and moving video clips set to music, projected on the side of Temple’s Paley Library. Produced by the Philadelphia based company Klip-Collective, the footage included the football team in action, candid’s of students around campus, and most importantly the infamous game faces, ending this high energy and successful night with a bang.
How did you hear about the Temple Made launch? Let us know what you thought about this event!
This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Tessa Cohn

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