The Traveling PR Student

Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye to the “city that loves me back” and will be heading to the, hopefully, sunny San Francisco for the PRSSA National Conference. As I prepare for the trip, I thought of a few unusual items that will  I will be packing and I thought I would share. Below, find my list of five things I recommend to pack when traveling as an aspiring public relations professional.

1. EmergenC 

Sickness always seems to know when it’s the worst time to make an appearance. No one wants shake hands or be around ‘that’ germ invested person in the room. Don’t be ‘that’ person and and prepare for a potential onset of vacation sickness by stocking up on Emergen-C before departure. 

2. Clear nail polish 

Clear nail polish will not only make dull nails shine, but it will also save the day by stopping snagged pantyhose in their tracks. Pack a bottle in your purse, you’ll thank yourself later!

3. Straws                          

Not what you expected, right? However, fastening necklaces through a straw can eliminate tangling. Picking out your outfit should be the hard part not set untangling the finishing touch. Additionally, hit up target or the dollar store for jewelry cleansing wipes to avoid dull accessories. 

4. Dollar bills

Dollar bills always come in handy when it comes to tipping and paying for transportation. Make sure to store the cash in separate places for security purposes. Additionally, download your banks phone app to find banks closest to you in order avoid withdrawal fees

5. Athletic shoes

Most hotels give you free gym access with your reservation, why not take advantage of it and destress? You never know when you might get some free time to explore and you’ll want to give your feet some rest from those professinal pumps.

Need more tips? Follow this link to a blog I pinned about how to pack more efficiently for a longer trip with a limited amount of space,

Oh, and there’s an app for all of this too,

How are you preparing for your next trip, and what will you be packing?

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