Let a Picture Say What Your Non-profit Cannot

You have heard the saying, “A picture can say 1,000 words.” In an age were brevity is 140 characters, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the best tools for telling a compelling story.

For non-profits this is essential, especially when it is difficult to promote action. The non-profit market is heavily saturated with words, and not a lot of words at that, your message will get lost. With Instagram and Pinterest, photos are easier to remember and easier to share on an audience’s personal network.

An audience has an easier time understanding something they can see over something they have to interpret. Instagram has the ability combine multiple photos to create a story board with both Apple and Droid.

For Pinterest you can create boards for specific purposes. For example the Human Society of New York’s, Adopt A Dog board. Pintrest can also help you sell merchandise to support your non-profit. You can make a catalog by including the price in the pin description.

Tell a story for your non-profit, let a picture say 1,000 words.

2 thoughts on “Let a Picture Say What Your Non-profit Cannot

  1. Great post! We are a visually-driven society, and images and videos are a fantastic way for non-profits to mobilize and engage their audiences through an even more powerful and interactive form of storytelling.

    Call me biased, but I'm also a big fan of The Humane Society of the United State's Pinterest boards as well! http://pinterest.com/humanesociety/


  2. Great example of telling a story with The Humane Society of the United Stats, Adorable Rescue Pets board: http://pinterest.com/scottwritesdc/adorable-rescue-pets/.

    Thank for the comment Niki, hope all is well!

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