PR Tools That Contributed to Restaurant Week

TD Bank hosted its biannual restaurant week in Philadelphia. For a limited time, participating restaurants in the Center City District of Philadelphia offered delectable, three-course dinners for just $35 per person. Some additionally offered three-course lunches for just $20 per person. With over 100 restaurants to choose from, everyone was bound to consume a tasty spread.

Many restaurants took advantage of the public relations aspect of restaurant week to promote their unique restaurant and bring in more customers. In this day and age in the business world, certain public relations tools are required to keep businesses successful. Restaurant Week primarily relied on the following PR tools:
  • Social Media Outreach
    • Websites such as Open Table as well as online news reports on restaurant week are what prospective customers look to when choosing a place to dine at. It’s crucial for restaurants to keep their website and social media networks up to date and appealing to the eye, specifically with pictures.
  • Special Events
    • Events like restaurant week help restaurants gain credibility. Credibility is essential for restaurants- especially in a city, since their competition could be right next door. As this event attracts more customers, it can lead to more positive reviews and references for that restaurant. 
  • Sponsorships
    • When successful establishments sponsor other businesses, it increases the awareness of that business immensely. In this case, TD banks sponsors restaurant week, thus making this event so much more popular and credible over the past few years.
Hosting special events like this helps businesses remain relevant and successful. Without PR, these restaurants would have struggled to promote themselves and make their establishments stand out. Luckily, there are endless aspiring PR workers, just like us, who can keep businesses on track and hopefully help them earn more revenue. 

This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Madeline Barry.

4 thoughts on “PR Tools That Contributed to Restaurant Week

  1. Social Media helps one to promote their business or event . In the case of TD Bank hosted its biannual restaurant week in Philadelphia it has helped the PR company to reach maximum people and turn this event into a huge success .

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  3. This blog is really gracious, it helps to appreciate the employee mind to produce a public relationship.

  4. Yes, social media is really the best way to promote any business.

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